Monday, December 22, 2014

Monday - 3 days to Xmas!

Wow, and I have lots of cookies yet to bake.  Guess back is injured.  I do not know how but it hurts so bad, can't sit, stand or lay down without pain.  I have to help with the school holiday party today so I will grin and bear it.  Guess what son is sick. He had fevers over the weekend.  I am going to check and if okay he will go to school and I will take him home as soon as the party is over, or he will stay home with grandpa while I go in and work on the party.  It rains it pours!  I hope to get one set of cookies done today or tomorrow will be a super baking day.  My son will have tomorrow off and won't be back to school until after the New year.

Below are four pictures of the bathroom during and after painting and added some lights!

I do have two more holiday images left to showcase and here is one of them.
Painted Snowflakes
I did this doodle one day and really liked it, check all the products here.

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