Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Things can change in an instant!

Well yesterday's dental visit had an extraction done.  I knew my son needed one, it was just a bad tooth and had to go.  I didn't realize it was this visit until it was done.  He was a trooper.  He did excellent and without sedation.  What 6 year old would go through that so well!  He ended up staying home from school yesterday while he was on the mend. It was a big procedure for him.  I was tending to him so grout was put off until today.  That is good, needed another day rest to be ready.  Big job!

Been making some sales through the weekend. I like seeing that. I want to get some more product on.  Tried yesterday but really couldn't focus.  I will get some more on soon!

I do have another holiday image to show!

Vintage Holiday Children

I love vintage holiday cards.  This is another cute one of children.  Wish we still dressed so fancy for the holidays.  Makes it a special time.  Check all the products here.

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