Wednesday, November 12, 2014

I have no idea what is going on...

This is ridiculous. I think I have been sick for a week every month for the past few months.  Apparently I messed up my post yesterday.  Never clicked published until late in the day.  Sorry.  I have such an earache. Today I have to be better, even if I am not.  I have a whole house to clean.  Dust from construction got everywhere even though you seal the work area up it sneaks out and covers everything. I have a party to prepare for Friday and Saturday.  Lucky boy gets a little party on his birthday Friday then the family party on Saturday.  Oh!!!  My son lost his first tooth!!!  It was great.   He was brushing his teeth like a good boy and yelled MOM!!!!  The tooth fairy visited and was he every excited.  He dreamed he talked to her.  So adorable!

Well today is cleaning while feeling awful, tomorrow is baking cake, cupcakes and the food for Saturday so it is easy to prepare.  I have appointment on Friday so that makes any prep hard then so it falls for Thursday. Also I have bathroom construction to sneak in too.  The lights are up, medicine cabinet in, now it is time to lay tile.

No showcase today. The light from the computer is blinding my eyes.  And I am supposed to get the house cleaned today...ha.  I am typing with my eyes closed, checking for spelling mistakes every so often.  One skill I have is typing without looking at the keys, may come in handy one day!

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