Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving around the corner!

Bathroom is 95% done!  Just some decorator touches and a cabinet, shelving and some mats and we can call it complete!!!!!!!!  Now my son doesn't have to run down a flight of stairs, through the long hall and through the kitchen to go to the bathroom at night, and neither do I!  It is wonderful and as soon as I finish the final touches I will post before and after pictures.

With the holiday preparations this week and removal of the A/C units (on hold while construction was going on) I don't think I will back to more artwork until next week. I will help with the thanksgiving meal prep by getting stuffing ready early, really good yam recipe together and whatever else is needed.
I still have many of my recent uploads to show though!

Holiday Greetings
This was just a vintage house graphic that I turned into a collage of holiday greeting!  Check all the products out here.

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