Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Yea it's Fall

I can not get warm.  Brrr.  Some rain today.  I have increased my hot tea consumption to try and offset the chill.  I am not complaining because I do love the seasonal changes just need a few days to adjust.  I bet when I do adjust we will get a spell of warm weather!

Halloween costume is purchased and here for my son!  Don't have to make one this year.  That is good, need a break from massive projects. Nothing really done new for Zazzle yesterday. Did make a bunch of sales.  So happy about that.  Today I want to create a special background for one of my images and see if I can get it posted.

I have another holiday image to showcase today.

Rustic Winter Caribou
I like this image, made it look like a rustic print on birch.  Check it out here.

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