Friday, October 3, 2014

Big Learning Curve.

Well I did some research into making backgrounds but haven't quite found the one that clicks with my brain.  I only had about an hour or so yesterday to looking into some tutorials so I will do some more again today.  I have been using pre-made ones but I know I can create my own backgrounds and I certainly do!

Can't believe it is October 3rd already.  Last warm day and the cold will come in tomorrow.  The summer weather is officially ending!  AND...the deer ATE my last baby ZUCCHINI!!!! Well I hope that it helped them out cause I was really looking forward to making zucchini bread.

Have a wonderful weekend 
and if you are up north 
take time to check out the beautiful fall leaves!

Today I have OMG a Christmas print!

Holiday Snowflake
Let's start ringing in the holidays, check the products here.

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