Friday, October 10, 2014


I got two Christmas images uploaded and posted yesterday.  It was a miracle!!  I have two ready to go today and will have them posted as well.  Now that I have gotten some self training on making some backgrounds I think I am ready to go.

There will be no post on Monday. My son has an appointment early in the morning, very, very early.  I wanted to make sure he could still go to school so I made sure he got the first appointment of the day.  Now lets see how it goes getting him up in time!  He may still be in PJ's as I load him in the car!

Enjoy the weekend and see you all Tuesday!

Today is another Santa print.

Vintage Santa Greetings
I like this vintage Christmas greeting, just some color touch ups.  Check out all the products here.
Vintage Santa Greetings Coaster
Vintage Santa Greetings Coaster by Kinder_Kleider
Find other Santa Cork Coasters at

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