Friday, February 6, 2015

Artic Cold...

We have another delayed start of school today.  Very, very cold outside.  The boards on the back deck have been "popping" all night.  Sounds like something hitting the house.  The huge storm for Sunday thru Tuesday looks more like rain now but it could change!  I am getting used to my new prescription contacts.  My eyes keep trying to adjust to the old stronger ones but it is getting better today.  Text is not looking doubled when I am reading or typing so that is a plus!

I have 100's of emails to go through, not to mention a mountain of laundry and some school projects to help my son with today.  Fell so far behind with this cold.  I still have chest congestion, wish it would just go away.

Monday I plan (barring any snowfall) to upload my one and only design I finished this year and get it on products for sale. 

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