Thursday, February 19, 2015

Time of change.

I am using this time of the year to do some spring cleaning of house and mind.  I have decided to give up diet soda, all soda, and this is day two.  You don't realize how dependent you become on something until you try and give it up.  Well I will succeed, just have to get over this bad part of headaches and nausea. The amount I was drinking was not healthy and sure is evident by the pain I am experiencing now.

We have a family yard sale every year and I have been spring cleaning and letting go of items that really serve no purpose but clutter or if they bring up bad memories they have to go, and decrease my wardrobe...that one is tough but I have three giant bags full of clothes. 

We are in for a record breaking cold tomorrow.  -12 degrees base temp not including windchill.  There may not be school tomorrow, delay start today so I am trying to hide my headache pain and enjoy my son's singing!

I have been selling my current images nicely on Zazzle.  Still haven't got one new item on this year.  Not a good sign but weather has played quite a role as well as illness.  I have not remembered a year that I have been sick as many times as the past 4 months.  I really think, even though I love winter, is we need warm sunshine on our skins and nice warm air to breathe.

Oohh, I am going to have to put my cell phone on silent.  Whenever I get an email it pings, and boy does that hurt my head.

Here is hoping tomorrow is better!

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