Friday, August 22, 2014


Going to attempt to rotisserie a large roast on the grill today.  Slowly and for hours so lets get ready for DINNER.  Something different to try, hope it works!

Got all the Halloween images that I finished posted online and hope to get a few more ready today. Having a great week in sales, keeping my fingers crossed that it will be a good holiday sales season.  I don't know if I could ever get to the point where Zazzle will amount to paying all my bills each month.  Right now I can cover a car payment plus a bit saved for insurance when it comes due.  That is great in its own and never thought I could achieve that much in sales.  I am sure if I keep at it I will see increased sales.

Today I have another motorbike!

Watercolor Vintage Motorcycle

Most of these images needed work on the color and some blemishes removed.  I like this one with its scenic background, check over 100 products the artwork is on here.

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