Monday, June 2, 2014


I was zooming through the last butterfly on Friday and guess what, my browser crashed....sigh.  I am now trying to upload the designs in my saved section individually and then try and get the ones not finished bulk uploaded.  I hate when that happens.  Usually you can work on 100's of products at once and load one description and tags for them all and even though it takes awhile to get the designs just right, it is easier than doing them one at a time. If you lose power, browser crashes or you hit the back key in your long bulk upload and look forward to either starting over or doing one at a time from your saved section.  I am too sick to start over so bit by bit I am getting this last design up.  I really want to start some new stuff but no, not until this series is done!

I AM SICK...FEVER, CouGHing and Blahs. Won't go away.  One week now and sure feels like it is firing up for a second round!

This is a design I did making a sketch into a watercolor and boy I thought that no one would want to buy anything with this creature on it. I was wrong!  Sold a few items with this insect

Mosquito Pop Art

My own compilation of digital art.

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