Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Chicken and Fish!

I am working on a set of 12 vintage chicken prints.  They are coming out nice and will be uploading them soon.  I am on a roll so I am going with it.  I did one of the prints a few months ago and it has been selling well so I am going to do the whole set!

I have a some fly fishing lures coming up the next few days for you to see. Plus I need to include a link to my stuff at my store front in each post so you can see all the cool products these images are available on!

Fly Fishing Art

I had a few illustrations of lures that I remastered into some cool art.  Great for Father's Day or any fisherman!
Fly Fishing Art Tiles
Fly Fishing Art Tiles by Kinder_Kleider
Find more Fish Tiles at Zazzle

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