Friday, June 6, 2014


Yea, Friday is here! I finished a cute gazelle print yesterday and am working on a deer today. I am finding out from others who have this cold that I should expect another week or so till it gets better.  Boo!  The weather is going to be outstanding this weekend so I am hoping to get some fresh air and a tiny bit of sun to help me recover.  My other design I am working on, the Greek inspired one, is coming along.  I am going to take my time to get it right.

Now today's showcase is a tweety one!

Wheatear Watercolor

I had to adjust this image and turned into a watercolor to make it usable for my purposes. I like it!
Wheatear Watercolor Mousepad
Wheatear Watercolor Mousepad by Kinder_Kleider
Look at other Thrush Mousepads at

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