Tuesday, July 9, 2013

What goes up must come down....

It has been hot, muggy. We had a guest for two weeks, splashed in the pool and enjoyed the company. Then on the 4th of July, happily doing my step aerobics in the morning, it happened. Occasionally, every so often, my ankle gives out. They are very loose in the joints and usually I am just standing still when BAM! I am on the floor. This time I was stepping down from an 8" step when my lovely ankle said..."it is time to collapse" so down I went, all of me. Cringing at the snap and then hot pain. NOOOOO I said and grunted through 4 rounds of saying my "ABC's" in case my son came in to see what happened. I got up finished the 3 minutes left of my routine and then watched the ankle swell and remain swollen for the past week. Looks about normal now but not quite back down to size. Hurts. Did a 30 minute exercise routine this morning, none since the 4th, and it aches. I feel down if I don't get my exercise in. I have lost over 134 lbs on my own, no surgery or drastic diets/exercise. Just low impact most days with some moderate impact at least twice a week. Hopefully my routine will start back soon, I know I need to let my ankle heal but of course I will test/push/over do it....

OH! I had a corelle plate shatter all over me this morning too! What a day already, thought the dishwasher door fell off because of the bang. It was sitting on the shelf in the cupboard too! What a mess. So today's showcase design is about how I think I felt the past few days, peg leg and all!

Vintage Pirate Art
Neat design, I like the ARRgyle I put in the background. Very piratey!

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