Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Slow Going...

For some reason my computer is running so slow, even as I type this post I am already several words ahead and the screen is still catching up....grrr. It is taking so long to work on products to upload but I really want to get my new stuff on so even it it takes longer I will get it done, and see what is going with my computer.

I was missing a whole product section on Zazzle, so I have been trying to get some of my images on ... business cards. I either forgot Zazzle offers them or maybe did not think of using them with my images but I now see and have had sales with business cards. Here is one...

Vintage Motorcycle Print I have a full line of different motorcycle images available on business cards in my store.
Vintage Motorcycle Print Business Card Template
Vintage Motorcycle Print Business Card Template by Kinder_Kleider
Look at other Motorcycle Business Cards at zazzle.com

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