Sunday, January 20, 2013

Valentine Gifts and Ovaltine

Ovaltine is not gluten free...sadly. I loved plain chocolate Ovaltine. Pre Celiac days that is. I was thinking about how I enjoyed it, sprinkling it on vanilla ice cream and checked out the ingredients....Barley Malt....sigh. Not gluten free and they used shared equipment for their production so that ends Ovaltine for me. I never liked "malt" flavors, never liked the smell or taste of beer and not a big pasta fan. That should have been a clue that gluten was a problem. My body was telling me there was a problem but my head stayed clueless.

Red Dahlia
I thought this bag turned out sweet. Cute for Valentine's day. A red Dahlia to brighten your day! So many new products have been added to Zazzle to place artwork on that I have to go back to some of my older uploads and add them to the new items. I think it is fun, especially to see the previews and how wonderful the designs look.

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