Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Brain Fog...

We all know how medicines can effect us, even natural herbal remedies, but I think we forget that food can have side effects on us as well. I know that sugar in medium to high amounts effects me adversely. I have muscle cramps, muscle pain and extreme fatigue, not normal reactions. It can last for days, weeks and brain fog has crept in. Just hard to focus. But I tend to eat more sugary items when I am stressed because at first it relaxes me, releases the tension. Then later on watch out. Do I learn from the Got to change that. Moderation!

Three New Designs
I managed 3 new designs yesterday, all available on a multitude of products at my store.
Vintage Owl Drawing

Vintage Wintertime Scene
Vintage Rooster Safety Match Label
Vintage Rooster Safety Match Label Posters
Vintage Rooster Safety Match Label Posters by Kinder_Kleider
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