Monday, January 28, 2013

I Won Two Awards!

One of my designs had won featured product two days in a row! I am stunned. I really did not expect it, and two days in a row. I certainly needed the boost. A little good energy to start the week.
Well this is the first design that was yesterday's featured product:

This is today's featured product:

As long as I have power today I will be working on some more designs. We have snow, sleet and freezing rain scheduled for today. Looks like freezing rain right now, early arrival since the news said this afternoon. Need some tea though, I am so achy today. Not much sleep last night...dreaded gluten. Do I get the clinical side effects of gluten I have insomnia, extreme muscle pain, fever. All from at least a week ago of accidental glutenizing. I am hoping it clears out this week. Some times it is about a month of misery but I pray that I get off easy this time!

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