Wednesday, September 25, 2013

So so so sick.

Well yeah, I am sicky sick. My son's fever has gone, mine still hanging on. He is super stuffy still but looking much better, I am looking worse. I have the type of sore throat that isn't super painful but feels like squeezing around the neck and I don't like that for several reasons, one being I was so sick one time, my tonsils swelled so big and I had such a high fever, it was unbearable. Since then I have a fear of sore throats. I think it will be sort of rest day because being a mom does not give you any time to actually rest but will try and keep things light for the day. I can't work on the computer much, watery eyes does not make good art.

Today how about a pretty bird to enjoy!

Vintage Bird Illustration
Had to do some edge work on this design to make it look right, color correction and really not much repair work. Nice blue bird!

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