Wednesday, January 21, 2015

So far behind!!! *(UPDATED)

***EDIT: I just wrote the post below about 30 minutes ago and now that my son woke up he is really, really sick so dentist is out, doctor is in and I will be taking care of him today. Poor guy.  It is so hard to keep him free of colds now that he started school. ***

I am behind all goals I set forth this New Year's.  I haven't been able to walk outside because of the weather, I have not posted anything to Zazzle and only got one item ready to post.  Got to get a move on!

My son's cough has dramatically decreased since yesterday so he is fine for cleaning at dentist today.  I am worried that some of his new teeth may not come in right because they are coming up and the baby teeth are still solid in place.  We will find out today what needs to be done.

So dentist is on tap today, hopefully won't be too long so he can catch the bus.

My order should arrive today for the final bathroom decor items and I will have pictures up as soon as I can.  I am so excited, a little over two months ago that room was an unfinished, just studs, storage area and now it is a peaceful, tranquil bathroom.

I have a sneak peek of the jellyfish!  Will have the full design showcased when posted up for sale.

It will have a cool background but you have to wait to see that!

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