Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Good news!

I was so afraid my eyesight was really going.  I have been having trouble reading and working on the computer for even short periods were hurting my eyes.  Well it turns out that my eyes have improved and my current prescription is too strong!  In a week I will have my new contacts and I should see a dramatic improvement.  I know I did in the Dr's office!  I thought I needed reading glasses but I really needed a weaker prescription!  I am still having a bit of a headache from the tests.  I do have some errands this morning but hopefully can get back in Zazzle this afternoon.  About time I say!  Tomorrow I will post more of the bathroom pictures.  I have some final touches being delivered today to really finish the room off so it was good being sick for a while, well maybe not being sick.  Now I can have a complete and final picture at the end!

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