Wednesday, January 14, 2015

New Year!

Finally a "real" post.  Well sort of!  When I said I still had some pain from my eye tests yesterday I hadn't really looked in the my one eye is all bloodshot! That is why it hurts.  Since the stroke I had seem to have affected my eyes, missing some vision, I get extra long check ups.  All is good so I am happy.

Really couldn't do too much on Zazzle with my eye still hurting.  I know I have more motorcycles to post but want to do something new just to start the year off.  My eye still is bothering me but I did get some ideas together yesterday to work on today.  I found a vintage print of a jellyfish I want to tackle first.

I do have the tiling of the new bathroom floor pictures to post.

Moving along!

All tile are set down!

Starting the grouting.

Love it!  Was a lot of fun.

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