Friday, January 16, 2015

Not quite up to speed yet.

I am still catching up to feeling normal.  I hope to be rid of this cough soon.  It is annoying.  Working on the jelly fish and still not quite up to what I want yet.  That brain fog makes it difficult to pull out my ideas.  Also with my eyes seeing a little double doesn't help.  Next week I should get the new contacts!!!! I can not wait to see what the difference will be!  I won't be able to do too much on my artwork today, volunteering at school later.  Exciting to see my son during his class time.

I got some artwork and wall decor for the new bathroom.  One set I liked but the other doesn't quite work but that set will work in another room.  I have found some other wall decor that I want to get to finish the room off.  I have the next set of pictures to show.  The final set will be when I get the art up, and that will be whenever the deliver arrives!  Have a Great Weekend!!!

Faucet and Shower head Installed

Peeling Off the Protectors and Sink Done

Cat Checking Progress

Enclosure Installed!!

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