Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Made a decision

There is no way I will be able to lose weight during the holidays.  No way.  Since my surgery taking so long to recover, a cyst bursting etc I have not been able to lose much of what I gained during that time.  I know I can but when you have pies, turkey, cakes and cookies coming up, well, that just makes things even harder.  I could try moderation but I think that is genetically impossible for me! Never worked. My goal is to maintain what I am now and then after the holidays I can get back to my regular self.  I usually gain a bit during the holidays but this year is different with my health issues causing weight gain early.  I am walking/jogging at least 5 miles most days, should help level things off.

Working on  more designs.  Hoping the holiday time takes sales up.  So far it has been going well.

Today I have something different, a cute puppy pop art painting!

Bulldog Pop Art
I love dogs, cats, birds, animals of all kinds!  I like this design too!

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