Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy November

November 1st!  Boy the year has just flown by.  My little one will be 5 in 14 days! Wow.  What happened, he is growing so fast, I feel like he was just born yesterday. He is so excited for his birthday.  I am instructed to make a rainbow cake with Angry Birds on the outside....oh boy. Rainbow cake easy...Angry Birds...don't know.

Going to try and get a couple dozen perogies made today.  Been quite awhile and seems like perogie weather.  Have to get caught up on artwork.  Got one new design going on today.  Need to keep that going, every little bit helps!

Today I have a digital watercolor from a vintage illustration.  Enjoy your weekend!

Watercolor Owl
This was a tiny illustration that I worked on digitally to create a nice watercolor print!

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