Friday, February 1, 2013

Ouch, It is February 1st

Oh, ouch. I started back exercising since my body is feeling better since glutenization over a week ago. I get up early and do one hour of boxing mixed with some aerobics. Get about 10 to 15 minutes of pilates and then about 20 minutes of resistance training in the evening. Well, not doing the exercises for a few days, a week at most, and my muscles feel it. I will make sure all my superbowl snacks are gluten free. It is amazing how just a speck of wheat could cause such pain and suffering. Well to my designs.

Vintage Aviator
I love this vintage print, love it! Not sure if it is World War I or WWII but what a handsome aviator he is! This image needed some work, color correction and some repairs. I like it, a lot! It is available on many products in my store.
Vintage Aviator Print
Vintage Aviator Print by Kinder_Kleider
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