Monday, February 25, 2013

Monday, Monday

Mark Martin came in 3rd at the Daytona 500! Great Job!

It definitely is carbs and sugar that effect me badly...why you say? Well, if I had one piece of pizza and a small slice of cheesecake I think I would be ok but I had several pieces of pizza and maybe two big pieces of cheesecake(okay, 3). Today I hurt, like really bad, so if I really didn't believe that carbs and sugar effect me, I know for sure now. I mean not achy pain but injury kind of pain. OUCH.

Vintage Pug Print
This is the third in a series of dog prints I have been working on. Sure is a cute one. Check all of them at my store.
Vintage Pug Dog Print
Vintage Pug Dog Print by Kinder_Kleider
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