Friday, May 24, 2013

I love warm weather but be careful what you wish for....

It is cold, almost down to the 30's and that is from 78 degrees last night. Brrr. What a yo yo in the weather. At least the house smells great with gluten free vanilla cake! I am baking two layers, cutting those layers in have and filling with a thick strawberry cream then top the cake in a whipped vanilla icing with sliced strawberries...yum! Will ice it tomorrow but got the cake done today. It is for Memorial Day, which we are doing on Sunday so all the family can attend. Can't wait....can't wait....CAN'T WAIT for Strawberry CAKE!

Ok down to business, got another image done and uploaded. Cute vintage print of a cat being bit by a rat. Love the look on the cat's face, the look I get from my parents cat when my son runs around!

Vintage Cat and Rat Print

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